Hi, and welcome to my knife site. Due to my deep passion for knives my friends are calling me the “The Knife Princess”! I’ve actually taken a liking to that name over the years 🙂

You might find my attachment with knives to be very odd. I mean who actually develops a liking for knives and spends so many years of her life in collecting them. Well, knives are an integral part of our daily routine. I mean how you will be able to chop all those vegetables and provide you with that yummy food, fillet that fish, cut the rope or skin the animal if there were no knives.

As a child, I loved watching my mom as she worked in the kitchen. She loved cooking and always enjoyed being in the kitchen. I had an uncanny admiration for her knife using skills and techniques. Gradually, I found myself more attracted towards the different types of knives she had for different purposes like chopping or slicing.

With my mother’s permission, I started decorating the knives she used in the kitchen. After doing my homework, I would take a knife from her collection and either painted it or decorated it with stickers. I made all her knives colorful, some more and some less. Some looked decent while others looked funky. After customizing all of them with the little creativity that I had, I would go and place them again on the kitchen shelf.

When there were no more knives left in the kitchen for me to decorate, my mother bought me another set. It was surprising for me to see my mother encouraging me in adopting such an absurd hobby. She even gifted me all the knives that I had already worked on and brought herself some new. And the best part was, I was allowed to work on them as well.

This hobby of mine was gradually turning into a passion. I requested people to gift me with knives on my birthdays, on Christmas and even on graduating middle school. My family and friends enjoyed my attachment with knives and always gifted me my desired present. Some with the purpose to see how I make it unique by adding my own creativity to it.

From creating and collecting funky knives, my inclination shifted towards collecting folding pocket knives, hunting knives, survival knives, yes basically all knives used for the outdoors. I used to visit shops that had traditional and historic art crafts and hunting stores and looked for any sort of knives. This widened my collection by manifolds. I found some key chains and decoration pieces that had knives in them. This was another exciting phase of life.

As I grew older, I wanted to make my collection even more versatile so I started looking for different types of knives that people in other parts of the world. I found some very interesting pieces originating from India, China, and the Middle Eastern countries. I got my hands on some of the pieces by placing online orders but some could not be reached through the Internet. So, I searched for friends or friends of friends who had the possibility of visiting these destinations and could get my desired objects delivered to me.

Till now, I have spent a handsome amount of money on my collection but I never regret it. I love each and every knife of my collection because some of them carry history, some carry local traditions while with some I have a personal emotional attachment. Through this website, I want you to be familiar with my collection and see for yourself why I’m renowned as “The Knife Princess.”